Welcome to the Jungle!

welcome-to-the-jungle-screenshotI couldn’t think of a better way to kick off my new site and blog than with a mini concert!

At the Articulate Elearning Heroes Roadshow event September 10-11 in Denver (#ELHDenver), I presented sessions on Creating Original Recurring Characters on a Budget and Animating in Storyline Using Stop Motion Techniques.

As part of the first session, I showed how to ungroup the included Articulate illustrated characters in Presenter (PowerPoint) and modfiy them to create custom characters. In the second session, I presented this as an example of what is possible to do in Storyline to animate a character’s arms, eyes, eyebrows, head, and mouth to sync with audio.

I certainly could have done even more to make it lip synch more precisely, but this took me about 3 hours to do. So enjoy all 37 seconds of your day’s rock-out session with a character I shall name Aksill Rhoze!


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